A little bit about us

At Lil-Lets, we’re passionate about providing you with the best sanitary protection. So whether you prefer applicator or non-applicator tampons, or choose pads over tampons, we have something that’s exactly right for you. In fact we’re the only brand in the UK that has a range of products for all your feminine hygiene needs.

As women, we know how important sanitary protection is, so we make it our priority to create the best products a woman can buy. We also believe in listening to what you want and have made all kinds of improvements to our products over the years by talking to you. It’s why we’re the brand millions of women trust.

Unique Packaging

Then there’s our packaging, which is so much more than just a pretty pack. Our whisper wrappers provide complete discretion, while our attractive drawstring bags and tubs with removable bands ensure that the packaging doesn’t shout about what’s inside.

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Our Teen Range

We’re also the only UK brand who have created pads especially for teens; they provide the same protection as adult pads, but are specifically designed smaller and narrower for a better fit.

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However we’re not sitting still as we continue to talk to all of you to see what else we can do to make the experience even better.